Why I know flowers are not enough

Why I know flowers are not enough

My name is Samantha Lehmann. I am a wife and Mum to two beautiful girls, and a cheeky cavoodle called Ginger.


I have gone through some very painful experiences in my life.


At the age of 35, only a little over a year after the birth of my first child, my gorgeous brother Warwick, died of a brain tumour.


Most recently my darling Dad died after a very short battle with cancer.


At the age of 19, after a couple of stressful events I began to have some very uncomfortable anxiety symptoms: panic attacks; trouble sleeping; lack of appetite; heart palpitations; and racing thoughts. These symptoms went on for months, I withdrew from socialising, avoided my friends and then I developed depression. By far, the worst feeling I have ever experienced.


I did not seek help at this time I just pushed through it and healed on my own - which took a very long time,


Once the depression lifted I still experienced anxiety symptoms off and on until at the age of 24 I reached out for help and went and saw a doctor. He diagnosed me with anxiety and I started taking medication, which helped so much.


It wasn’t until I was in my early 30s after having children that I was finally diagnosed with an anxiety disorder called GAD. I manage it the best way I can and I reach out for help when I have setbacks.


Despite this, I live a normal, full life. I have been blessed with a wonderful, happy and loving childhood and I am now fortunate to have a beautiful family and wonderful group of friends.



Nice sentiments, but no real comfort

When I lost these special people in my life I was given lots and lots of flowers and although I appreciated the sentiment, I didn't feel comforted by them - they were simply that, a nice sentiment.


Similarly, when I have had severe bouts of anxiety, friends have reached out to me through flowers.


And there's nothing more depressing than watching a house full of flowers wilt and die while you're dealing with your own feelings and trying to move onto the next stage of your life.


The fact is, flowers really are no longer enough.

When someone is grieving, or going through a tough time there need to be gifts available in the market that can be more helpful and comforting.


Helping you convey what no words can

I decided to start this business as I felt there just wasn't a gifting company out there focused on supporting people going through challenging times.


Let's face it, nothing takes us out of our comfort zone more than trying to find the right words to say to someone who is really struggling. Very few of us get it right...in fact most of us, unintentionally, get it so very wrong.

Helping others heal and be well


I have created some wonderful healing and wellness gift packages to support people facing physical illness, mental illness, even challenging circumstances such as divorce and miscarriage - or even something special for a carer or family member, simply needing some comfort.

I have spent a lot of time carefully selecting beautiful quality and helpful gifts suitable for people experiencing a range of situations. I hope you like what I have chosen.


And I hope you feel comfortable in the belief that that each and every gift will convey to your friend or family member exactly how you feel about, and want to support them through, their current circumstance - good or bad - without the need for words.


Our gifts come from the heart....as do your sentiments.


Always room for improvement


Whilst I have drawn from my own experiences when choosing the range of products available, I haven't been directly affected by so many of life's circumstances.

So please, if there's something missing from my site that you think I absolutely MUST have, send through your thoughts and I'll look into it. No idea is a bad idea.


I hope you like what I've created and I look forward to helping you help your loved ones heal and be happy.