What do I buy for someone who has cancer?

What do I buy for someone who has cancer?

Its devastating when you find out someone you love and care about has been diagnosed with cancer. We all know someone who has had cancer or has died from cancer, its considered an ageing disease but cancer does not discriminate and can affect all of us at any age. Although survival rates have improved over the years with many types of cancers there is still a long way to go when we will see a cure for all cancers.


When my beautiful brother died of a brain tumour at 35 my world went very dark, I was angry, sad and anxious that my awesome, kind and funny brother had his life taken away from him when he loved his life so much. Life is not fair sometimes and that is just the way it is. It will be 13 years next March and although my grief is lighter my heart breaks that he hasn't been able to see his son grow into a beautiful young man or spend time doing all the things he loved to do, his love of music, good times with his mates and family and just being him and sharing his presence with us all.


Birthdays and Christmas are always hard without him but we all just try to remember the happy memories, Now dads gone too these times are even more difficult as our family gets smaller but its focusing on all the positive, beautiful, happy and genuine people we have in our lives that makes life happy still. Dad always said we just have to get on with things when we are faced with adversity, now I realise what he really meant was to just get up and don't give up, appreciate what we do have and try not to get all negative and miserable with what we don't. This works for me, I feel grateful to have had these two beautiful loving men in my life even though my biggest wish is that cancer did not exist.


Its so hard to know what to buy someone who is ill or has cancer. Flowers are a common gesture but at The Empathy Gift Co I want to be able provide gifts for someone who is going through cancer a little more helpful, practical and useful. We sell a lot of hospital gifts and comfort gifts to use at home. Here are our best cancer gifts that will show your true understanding and support.



Sleep wear always makes a nice hospital gift if they having an operation and a hospital stay. Sleep masks and eye pillows are also great for sleep and relaxation








If your loved one is having cancer treatment such as chemotherapy or radiation these treatments can be very intense and take a toll on their body, mind and immune system. You can help by providing home cooked meals for them and their family - get a group of supportive friends, neighbours and family and create a meal train , this takes a lot of pressure off the family and can still provide them healthy home cooked meals from those that care about them. https://www.mealtrain.com/



We also sell Queasy drops for nausea, healing teas for relaxation, water bottles for hydration and our most popular are our adult colouring books and coloured pencils to do while having chemo. Radiation can make your skin ultra sensitive so our Berts Bees skincare range has been popular for those having treatment for cancer for both women and men.












We also have some beautiful journals and books written by cancer survivors which offer hope, comfort and plenty of practical advice to help navigate the changes and needs during treatment and healing.





Although gifts are beautiful way to show you care there is nothing more special than giving your time and ongoing support for your loved one during this challenging time. Even if you are not sure what to say or do - do some research online or ask others that may have gone through cancer treatment what they found helpful and comforting. This is a time where your loved one may feel vulnerable and if they know that you are there for them 100% it will give them some extra strength to be positive and feel more empowered to fight this insidious disease.