My Story

Welcome to The Empathy Gift Co.

My name is Samantha Lehmann. I am a wife and mum to two beautiful girls, and a cheeky cavoodle called Ginger.

A bit about me
I have gone through some very painful experiences in my life - such as the death of my gorgeous brother, Warwick, at the age of 35 to a brain tumour. And most recently, the death of my darling dad.

I also have experienced bouts of anxiety and some depression throughout my adult life. I manage it the best way I can through diet, exercise, medication and self-care and have reached out for help from health professionals when I have had setbacks. I understand there is still a stigma towards mental illness, but for me, to be open about it and support others through my business I feel I can make a difference for others who may suffer from anxiety, depression or any other type of mental illness to reach out for help. Maybe I can even inspire others to choose to show support, love and have no judgements towards someone they care about suffering.

Despite my experiences, I live a normal, full life. I have been blessed with a wonderful, happy and loving childhood and I am now fortunate to have such a beautiful family and wonderful supportive friends.

Gifts for the soul
Grief is hard, really bloody hard. When I lost these special people in my life, I was given lots and lots of flowers and although I appreciated the sentiment, I didn't feel comforted by them - they were simply that, a nice sentiment. Similarly, when I have had severe bouts of anxiety, friends have reached out to me through flowers.

Looking back, I've come to the realisation that when someone is grieving or going through a tough time, there needs to be gifts available in the market that can be more helpful and comforting.

Why am I here?
I decided to start this business as I felt there just wasn't a gifting company out there focused on supporting people going through challenging times.

I strongly feel that from my own personal experiences, I am well-placed to create some wonderful healing and wellness gift packages to support people facing physical illness, mental illness, even challenging circumstances such as divorce and miscarriage - or even something special for a carer or family member, simply needing some comfort.

I have spent a lot of time carefully selecting beautiful, high-quality and helpful gifts suitable for people experiencing a range of situations. I hope you like what I have chosen.

I am open to ideas of any new items you might know about or a challenging situation I have not addressed.

I look forward to wrapping up gifts hampers for your loved ones.

Love Samantha