4 Best Gifts For Guys in Australia

4 Best Gifts For Guys in Australia

Our purpose at The Empathy Gift Co is to provide comforting and healing gift boxes to people going through challenging times; so this may be illness, Grief , Depression, relationship break up, losing a job or just having a run of difficult circumstances.


Gifting a man going through a challenging time or even for his birthday or Christmas can prove difficult, men often struggle with expressing their emotions and can often hide feelings of stress and anxiety. They need to know they are appreciated, loved and supported and what better way to do it with a gift box from The Empathy Gift Co. Giving vouchers and gift cards is too easy. If you want to put a bit more thought into something unique and special we can help you.

I have sourced some hard to find gifts locally in Australia and OS and these have been our very best sellers for the guys.



1. Cool kits from Men's Society


These kits have been very popular, if the man you are buying for is a keen golfer, traveller, loves camping or enjoys fitness these kits have it all. These also make a great hospital gift for him too. You can customise your gift box with us and select other best sellers too




2. Self help books


I have sourced only the very best self help books that have truly helpful practical tips, inspiration and offer comfort to the reader. Don't ever feel weird about buying books for a man going through a difficult time, often it is just the thing he needs to feel less alone and know that you care enough to want to and support him








3.Chocolate and sweet treats



They say the way to mans heart is through is stomach, its no wonder these sweet treats have been very popular for the guys.


4.Good Luck charms from Kutuu


These inspirational and comforting hand stamped pewter key rings and pocket coins have been popular for guys grieving and suffering with an illness. Very durable and remind them that they are loved and supported no matter what the adversity.



Guys really love receiving gifts and even more so when they are needing support and feeling vulnerable. We have Pre-made gift boxes available and you can also add items to these or you can customise your own gift box and choose a selection of products that suit his interests or circumstance.


We are also available to help you if you are not sure what to choose or how to communicate your affection, we want to make sure that your special man feels appreciated, loved and supported in every way.

Gift wrapping and gift boxes are complimentary and we deliver Australia wide.

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