Sometimes our loved ones need to be reminded how incredible and awsome they are. A self care and comforting gift box like this will certainly communicate that.


  • You already are Book - You were meant to be someone incredible. The truth is, you already are. Open your eyes to the beauty inside you. Filled with affirmations, this gift book is an encouragement to embrace the gifts you offer the world. Let the words guide you and remind you how remarkable you already are.
  • Relax Gift pack from WHeatbags love - Healing lavender eyepillow and Rose quartz bath oil
  • Premium milk choclate honey comb - made with Tasmanian leatherwood honey
  • Organic Clarity Bath salts from Bee one of a kind
  • You're awesome pop open daily inspiration cards to uplift and inspire
  • Organic Huxter hand cream - Jasmine and lily
  • Mini melting moments cookies and cream from Charlies fine foods.

You Are Amazing Don't You Forget It!