When someone you really care about is suffering with stress and anxiety this comfort package is a really helpful and loving way to show you care.
	The Anxiety Journal (best seller)

 While some forms of anxiety are natural, even helpful, anxiety disorders can lead you into a spiral of stress and worry, and interfere with your everyday life.Practical, supportive and uplifting, this is a journal for anyone who struggles with anxiety, whether in the form of phobias, social anxiety, post-traumatic stress or generalized anxiety (GAD) and day-to-day worrying. Beautifully illustrated by Marcia Mihotich, The Anxiety Journal by Corinne Sweet encourages you to use CBT techniques and mindfulness exercises to help you better understand your anxiety and help you to achieve peace and calm.Whether you're awake at 4am unable to turn off those racing thoughts, or struggling to get yourself together before a presentation,
The Anxiety Journal will help to soothe stress and reduce worry, identify negative thought-cycles, and provide you with techniques to combat anxiety wherever you are.
About the AuthorCorinne Sweet is a psychologist, psychotherapist and author of non-fiction titles including Change Your Life with CBT and The Mindfulness Journal. A journalist and broadcaster, she is a well-respected figure in self-help, and specialises in CBT and mindfulness.
	Award Winning Healing Tea from Tea Amo - Calm - for stress and Anxiety
	Organic Nib and Noble 40% Cacao drinking chocolate
	Magnesium oil spray - Magnesium is well know to assist with healing the nervous system,promote sleep and assist tired and tensed muscles
	Cookies and cream mini melting moments
	A little box of Strength - scrolls of inspiration and comfort to ready daily to inspire and give strength
        Natural hand cream from Huxter - cedar wood and Fig 

The De-Stress Comfort Care Package

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