A calming hamper to support someone stressed out! When we are stressed we dont tend to notice that we need to practice some self care but its really important that we do. This hamper offers a little humour with some helpful tips and 3 healing products to complete your love and support.


  • Award winning Tea from Tea Amo - Calm for stress and anxiety
  • Calm organic bath salts from Bee one of Kind - hand made in Melbourne
  • Healing magnesium oil from Bee one of a kind - many benefits of using topical magnesium including relaxing the nervous system, to help with sleep and tired sore muscles.
  • Book - Calm the F*ck down by Sarah Night - 

The latest no-f**ks-given guide from New York Times bestselling author of the international sensation The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a F**k, Get Your Sh*t Together, and You Do You



Do you waste time overthinking things you can't do anything about?


Do you freak out when things don't go to plan?


Does anxiety get in the way of you living your best life?



When life hands you a big fat f**king lemon, Calm the F**k Down gives you practical ways to manage the situation, not to mention your anxiety about the situation. One hundred per cent practical and zero percent Pollyanna-ish, this is a book that acknowledges all the bad shit that can and probably will happen to you - from break ups and breakdowns to floods, family feuds and France running out of butter - and shows you what you can realistically do about it so you can get on with your life, stop worrying and wallowing, and start bouncing back.



Think of Calm the F**k Down as the friend who, instead of reassuring you that 'everything's going to be okay,' actually shows you how to make it so.

The Calming hamper


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