This is truly a beautiful gift hamper for someone who needs to take some time out for themselves to relax and recharge.


  • Escapes hard cover book - This book is here to offer you a chance to pause. To escape for a moment. Inside you’ll find rich watercolour illustrations paired with guided meditations — each intended to offer a meaningful space to connect you to yourself.Get comfortable. Pick the destination that’s right for this moment, and read it. Silently, or aloud. What do you notice?Some part of you will come alive in this place. Some part of you will ask to be seen. Some part of you will change on this journey. You’ll find something to take with you, something to keep, something to return to again and again.So take a few minutes today to connect to yourself, and to see all that you’ll discover when you do.
  • Hand poured soy candle from Lulu love candles - warming vanilla caramel fragrance
  • Long stem matches in tube from Plain and Simple for all your candle needs
  • Life is beautiful - pop open inspirational daily cards to open each day for 30 days - great way to start your day.

Take some time for YOU!


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