This is the fast absorbing and softening sanitiser you’ll want to keep on spraying because it smells amazing. Soon you’ll be swapping your favourite perfume for your favourite Shmoist. A great gift addition to your hamper.

We take good hygiene seriously so we follow the World Health Organization recommendations. Even with the high ethanol count, our formulation is moisturising. Shmoist is a light weighted spray, so it won’t leave your hands feeling tacky or sticky, rather soft and silky

We are 100% committed to being Australian made and owned. We’re true blue Aussies with a passion for keeping things local.

We believe in living in a cruel-free world and that includes what we put in and on our bodies. Shmoist does not test on animals and we are proudly vegan

We have four fragrances to choose from 


1. Rose Aye -Way better than the one you drink, this rose fragrance is powerful and alluring, just like that bunch of roses your mate paid too much for on Valentine’s Day. ❤️🌹🌸💐Fragrance notes include Bulgarian rose, argawood oud, cumin, labdanum, musk, ambergis.


2. Sweet Spot - Sugar and spice and all things nice, Shmoist Sweet Spot’s warm vanilla and sugary notes will give you that calorie fix you’re looking for. 🍩🍭🍡Fragrance notes include jasmine, saffron, ambergris, fir resin, cedarwood.


3. EAU.M.G - Inhale the freshness of the earth after it rains. Combine that with the smell of nature; trees and woods. You’ll say EAU.M.G to that! 🍃💚☕🍋Fragrance notes include tea, bergamot, lemongrass, musk.


4. Daily Rind - A citrus burst like no other, peel back the orange, squeeze the juice and add a bit of spice. Now you can escape the Daily Rind.🍊🍋🧡🌶️Fragrance notes include citrus, musk, tuberose, woods, fruits, jasmine, floral



SHMOIST - Fragrance And Moisturising Hand Sanitiser