Our pets are our family and a huge part of our lives, when we grieve for the loss of our pets its very real and can be very challanging and difficult.

This comfort gift box gives the reciever some genuine comfort at this sad time.


  • Award winning Healing tea from tea Amo - Unwind
  • Coconut and lime soya candle from Pamilli - approx 25hrs burn time
  • chocolate and salted caramel mini melting moments from Charlies cookies
  • Saying Goodbye to our angel Animals - About the book

Every animal lover has felt it: the numbing pain and dreadful sense of loss when a beloved animal dies. Veteran writers and long-time animal lovers Allen and Linda Anderson take on the task of walking readers through their pain and sorrow. They also offer comfort and guidance for planning an appropriate memory ceremony, dealing with grief, remembering and honouring key moments in the animal's life and getting past the depression. The book includes exercises and affirmations that can be used again and again through the various stages of grief.Topics such as helping children through their grief, dealing with religious beliefs, and finding comfort through groups and with professionals are covered. The book also provides ceremonies based on different spiritual traditions that can be read at a service, including "I Remember You Memorial Service" (non-religious) and "All God's Creatures Memorial Service" (for Judeo-Christian believers). Sections address runaway pets as well as the loss due to other circumstances, such as someone no longer able to care for a beloved animal. The book explores after-death experiences of the departed companion animal, and relates many beautiful stories that reinforce the love and sense of comfort that comes from acknowledging the place animals hold in our lives.

Pet loss gift hamper


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