Candles make a lovely gift for most occasions and situations, they create a comforting ambience and provide a beautiful fragrance throughout your home or bedroom.

Clean burn for up to 45 hours

Glass size 9cm high | 7cm diameter

No toxins

Natural soy wax

100% cotton wick

Reusable glass jar

Triple strength fragrance

Four fragrances to choose from


Fig, Melon & Coconut

The fragrance of fresh Sicilian fig and melon, combined with tropical coconut.

Oranges, Lemons & Citrus Leaves

A beautiful fusion of sugared fresh oranges and lemons that are so plentiful in Sorrento.

Casablanca, Lilies & Greenery
Inspired by the fragrance of freshly cut white lilies and blades of the greenest grass you ever did see, as enjoyed in the gardens of Ravello.

Gardenia, Jasmine & Bougainvillea

It is hard to visit coastal Italy and not be in awe of the beautiful bougainvillea flowers - a personal favourite. And when blended seamlessly with gardenia and jasmine, it is pure Positano perfection.

Pamilli natural soy candles