This is a truly comforting care package for a loved one going through any type of challenging time. Some little sweets and empowering words from the book to support them when you can't be there.


  • Even Though - Even though this is hard, you are continuing. Just by being, you are continuing.And even though it is a struggle, even though it is slow, your continuing changes things.”This moment may come with its challenges. This supportive encouragement book is an opportunity to reconnect — with your breath, with your body, with your being.Its artistic photography and affirming words create a calming, meditative space to find refuge and gentle reminders that you are strong enough to keep going.Beautiful photography and touching words invite moments of mindfulness and peaceFilled with therapeutic mantras you can return to again and againA reassuring gift for someone facing tough times, navigating anxiety, or facing a divorce or breakup.
  • 3 X Ferrero Rocher
  • A little box of sunshine scrolls, - to open up daily offering hope and inspiration.
  • Just a little something triple milled soap bar from Huxter - basil , lime and mandarin.
  • Premium smooth milk chocolate covered pretzels - Made In Melbourne.
  • Bloom soy candle up to 25hrs burn time - Rose garden and vanilla.

Just A Little Something At This Challenging Time 💛