These room sprays are absolutely beautiful and linger on through out the home for several hours. A luxury gift for someone special.


Avalon Room spray.

This fragrance beckons from the shores of Avalon Beach, our place, the one that we call home. The top note of mandarin is as fresh and joyous as summertime feels, when toes are sandy, and skin is sun-kissed. When the sun is high, a sea breeze blows over those paddling out into the fray, sending with it whispers and heart notes of frangipani, coconut and jasmine from the headland. Then, the dreamy aromas of vanilla and white musk surround, while the sweet waves crash, and the sun sets over warm rockpools and sandstone cliffs.   

Simply spritz two to three pumps into any room to infuse your home with our invigorating, refreshing signature scent. This beautiful fragrance will last for several hours.

Top: Mandarin
Heart: Coconut, Jasmine, Frangipani, Orange flower
Base: Vanilla, White musk

Vegan, made in Australia. 


Hemingway Room Spray - 

Fragrance, like any good book, has a beginning, a middle and an end. As you turn to the very first page of Hemingway’s classic, The Old Man and the Sea, high notes of French leather call you to exhale deeply and wholly. An open fire flickers and rich, creamy vanilla surrounds, while you curl up into the sofa, sinking deeper into this warm, welcome moment. Then, a spicy hint of cedarwood arises, inviting you to take in the fictions and fables that dear Ernest tells of luck and of life. 

Simply spritz two to three pumps into any room to infuse the space with richness and warmth.This beautiful fragrance will last for several hours.


Top: Ground spices
Heart: French leather, dark amber accord
Base: smooth cedarwood, vanilla pod, labdanum tree, musk

Vegan,  made in Australia. 

Byrne and Love Luxury Room Spray