When someone you care about is going through breast cancer treatment it can be difficult to know what to gift them with your support and love, this box has love, comfort, empathy and a little humour all in one. Conatins

  • Tale of the two titties book - I have these firm tits as a rule (nothing to write home about) but a decent size and shape all the same, and they get better as the month progresses, but the day my period starts, my boobs die in the butt, decreasing by a full cup size or two. Okay, so I am prone to exaggeration, but they do resemble the ones you see hanging off a dingo. So if a function is coming up and the outfit I have chosen requires my perky, full, Marilyn Monroe big, you can bet your boots I'll have my post-menstrual Dingo tits. By the narrative's end, Tanya has two brand new perky tits, but without nipples. They'll come later. In the meantime, there are always those stick-on ones you can buy in sex shops. Tanya Brown's gutsy in-your-face account of dealing with a highly aggressive form of breast cancer will make you laugh through the tears. Here is Dolly Parton stepping out of Steel Magnolias into Crocodile Dundee's shoes.
  • Milk chocolate pink freckle heart
  • Champagne roses tube bath salts
  • Raspberry and white choc mini melting moments
  • You got this! Triple milles soap bar from Huxter.

Breast Cancer Comfort Box


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