Beyond the Baby Blues 2nd Ed is a comprehensive Australian resource guide to perinatal depression and anxiety (PND). Readers will receive solid scientific advice combined with the experiences of individuals and families affected and the professionals who treat them. The book includes the scientific explanation for PND an exploration of perinatal screening and the ideals and the realities of early parenthood. There is still a heavy stigma attached to perinatal depression in Australia compared to the rest of world.

The authors want to increase understanding and open the conversation about depression during and after pregnancy so that parents do not suffer alone. Caring professionals, family members and friends explain how they helped sufferers of depression, as well as how their caretaker involvement affected their own lives. Included are self-care strategies aimed to help parents take care of themselves and their families throughout the difficult first year of parenthood.

Beyond the Baby Blues is supportive and encouraging, deeply personal yet backed up with science and medical expertise.

About the Author

Benison O’Reilly is a medical writer, co-author of The Australian Autism Handbook and a mother of three.

Catherine Knox is CEO of the Gidget Foundation and a mother of five. Cathie experienced anxiety and depression when her first two sons were young and speaks on the topic widely.

Seana Smith is author of Sydney For Under Fives, co-author of The Australian Autism Handbook, and a mother of four. Seana was diagnosed with PND after the birth of her second child.

Beyond the baby blues - Book

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